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Common Questions

For Your Information

Do you deliver?

We do not, but we try to make your ToGo orders as efficient for you as we can. 

Place your order and pay through the Toast App or on

Your order will be ready by the cafe register.

What is the difference between the pierogi on the menu and the pre-packaged pierogi?

The pierogi on the menu is a half dozen (of one flavor) cooked and plated for you to enjoy at Brewskis or ToGo.
Pre-packaged pierogi is a dozen pierogi (of one flavor) fresh but cold.  Ready for you to take home to heat up or freeze.

Why do I have multiple card transactions?

When a tab is started, there will be a temporary hold on your account.  That hold will drop off in a couple days.  There is a final payment that goes through permanently and the gratuity will then be processed as well.

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